"Castles of Ice" by Frankie Carino

Hi there, my name is Frankie Carino, I am a photographer and artist based in LA. Since I was a little kid I have always collected rocks, this attraction has grown into a major inspiration for my art. A lot of my photographs come from seeking out places that have unique geology, I am innately attracted to these places and the ways humans interact with these landscapes. Rocks are our direct connection to our deep history, a universal time that connects all. 

Ice is a rock, and as of late great interest for me. Ice is one of the best tools for erosion, an earth carving chisel. Its life span varies drastically from hours to possibly a million years, a true record of our Earths vitals, the most complete one we’ve found. 

The Ice Castle is not a rock, one of the rules to qualify to be a rock is “to be naturally occurring”. Then again humans are a force of nature, maybe our labour and technology is natural, and the construction of this Ice Castle is a natural phenomena. What could be more natural than for humans to surround themselves with elaborate displays of Earths beauty.

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