Courtney Allen- Outside the natural world was enjoying a moment of total strength

Courtney Allen is a photographer and designer currently based in Brooklyn, NY having just moved from Austin, TX, where she lived the past 5 years. Her most recent work focuses on a month-long road trip she took across the U.S. in May 2018. She is interested in how the "American road trip" can be considered or sold as a canned experience and how we, as travelers, attempt to capture its understood promise. How do we search for authenticity in a packaged experience without destroying the very experience we were assured was authentic? It is difficult to acknowledge our need for order and ignore the certainty of it's destruction. This work explores the quest to realize one without the other.

Courtney is also a curator and co-founder of the Austin based curatorial project and art gallery, Magic the Gallery. She received a BS in Photojournalism from Boston University in 2010. Her work has been featured in Fields Magazine, Conflict of Interest, and Peachfuzz Magazine.

For more of Courtney's work, you can visit her Website or follow her on Instagram.