Cody Lane

Interview by: James Wrigley

Cody Lane’s images explore the mundane of day-to-day experiences. Photography by circumstance, Lane’s work is a mixture of humour and subtle mysteries of people and places. 

What is it that interests you about photography?

Everyone deserves mindfulness, so walking around with a camera is a simple excuse to consciously interact with the world. 

Would you say you grew up around art or a creative background?

Not quite. Growing up I was interested in illustration and cartoon network. Recreating characters I watched in anime and other shit was an every day obsession. I did eventually find myself painting on walls and public property until that revealed itself to be an unhealthy and illegal habit--with consequences! 

Ah so you got caught?

You could say that! I was young. 

What inspires you the most?

One of the most rewarding facets of photography is having your work viewed as meaningful by others. I don't see myself as an artist or even call myself a photographer, but I am deeply appreciative any time someone takes an interest in my work. I'm kind of drawn to the idea of being in the middle of a grandiose cosmic flow of events; a sort of hidden harmony. The camera just gives me an excuse to deliberately watch the world unfold in the hopes of coming across some reflection of truth. I'm pretty easily swayed and I'm reaching for magic, or that tingling sensation that comes when life presents its most peculiar self along with an impression of purposeful events. 

As you talk about reflection in your work, your images include some humour and comeacross extremely personal. When did you start this way of recording moments in yourlife?

Around five or six years ago I bought my first camera. Though, I use my phone's camera first and foremost. 

How would you describe your photography? What do you look for when shooting?

That's for others to interpret! I enjoy looking at things that make me scratch my head. To me, the ideal image is an immediately recognizable and familiar concept containing a resolution derived from a purgatory of preliminary circumstances. Above the wonderful and mysterious I prioritize people doing things that are jaw dropping or scenes of animals acting/looking funny as fuck.

Do you have any plans for images in the future?

I have a collection of film photos that were taken throughout the past few years in my hometown of Tulsa that I I'd like to release together. 

What are you interested in from day to day?

A few months ago I joined a friend who is doing contract work for electric co-ops across the country. Recently we lived on the Oregon coast and I am currently in Blytheville, Arkansas. 

What keeps you motivated and interested in your work?

Photography just brings me joy, so motivation comes easy. My body of work is all over the place, and so I'm interested in becoming more organized in my approach. I don't have assignments. I don't display work anywhere. I don't really have a plan when I leave the house but I am attracted to forming an organized idea and seeing it through. 

Who are your main inspirations?

Russell Westbrook 

What is your favourite accomplishment?

Waking up every day knowing that I am a good person inside and that I don't have too manyneeds is enough of an achievement for me. 

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

If humanity (or your personal life), in its current state, is in fact heading towards the abyss in a sinking ship, I think it is important to stay optimistic because (A.) you will entertain options that lead to solutions that a pessimist wouldn't really bother with in the first place, and (B.) if nothing else you can more thoroughly enjoy your short time here in this wonderful place doing things that make you happy! Also talk to strangers. 

For more of Cody's work, you can follow him on Instagram.